Some things I've made:
  • sajal

    A lightweight mobile electronic record for refugees. Worked with the Red Cross and humanitarian NGO Emergency to bring to refugee reception centers in Italy.

  • onatrip!

    Optimal trip planning / arbitrary queries on maps ("I want to go to a movie theater and then get Italian food and dessert nearby.").

  • fRender

    Robust, fault-tolerant distributed rendering system for Blender (final project for 6.824 Distributed Systems).

  • paint floyd

    Paint-mixing robot that dispenses the right combination of primary colors to produce a given color.

  • cubic

    Chrome extension to make Internet research more intuitive. Allows a user to navigate to more/less complex articles and view a timeline of events.

  • fpga 3d scanner

    Fast, FPGA implementation of a 3D laser scanner. Reconstructs a point cloud of a physical object in real-time (final project for 6.111 Digital Systems).

  • fort

    A three-story fort in my dorm's courtyard.

  • geodesic dome

    A six-foot-tall dome structure in my dorm's courtyard.