I’m an incoming PhD student at Berkeley AI Research in fall 2020. For the past year, I’ve been working on product and HCI / ML research at Lilt, working on human-in-the-loop machine translation.

These days, I’m interested in building machine learning systems that work well in the dynamic, interactive settings of the real world (I recently wrote an essay about some new directions for human-in-the-loop ML in industry!).

Previously, I graduated with a double-major in computer science / electrical engineering and philosophy from MIT. There, I did research on human-inspired ML / language learning with the Computational Cognitive Science Group, advised by Kelsey Allen and Josh Tenenbaum, and adversarial examples / machine learning security as a founding member of labsix. I also spent a great summer with the Natural Language Understanding group at Google Research NY, advised by David Weiss.

I used to be involved with the hackathon community and organized many seasons of HackMIT. I read stuff and take photos. I’m learning more about philosophy of science and economics (particularly market / mechanism design), and getting better at writing.

If it sounds like we might get along, let me know! 😄