Some things I've made:
  • sajal

    A lightweight mobile electronic record for refugees. Worked with the Red Cross and humanitarian NGO Emergency to bring to refugee reception centers in Italy.

  • onatrip!

    Optimal trip planning / arbitrary queries on maps ("I want to go to a movie theater and then get Italian food and dessert nearby.").

  • fRender

    Robust, fault-tolerant distributed rendering prototype for Blender.

  • paint floyd

    Paint-mixing robot that dispenses the right combination of primary colors to produce a given color.

  • cubic

    Chrome extension to make Internet research more intuitive. Allows a user to navigate to more/less complex articles and view a timeline of events.

  • fpga 3d scanner

    Fast, FPGA prototype of a 3D laser scanner. Reconstructs a point cloud of a physical object in real-time.

  • fort

    A three-story fort in my dorm's courtyard.

  • geodesic dome

    A six-foot-tall dome structure in my dorm's courtyard.


I've kept track of everything I've read since 2008 on Goodreads (complete with some cringy selections from way back), but here are my all-time favorites: