I’m currently a second-year PhD student at Berkeley AI Research, advised by Anca Dragan and Dan Klein.

I’m interested in building agents that can collaborate and interact with humans, and use language as a medium to do so. I spend part of my week at Lilt, exploring these questions in the context of human-in-the-loop machine translation (based on my experiences there, I recently wrote an essay about interesting directions for human-in-the-loop ML in industry!)

Previously, I graduated with a double-major in computer science / electrical engineering and philosophy from MIT. There, I did research on human-inspired ML with the Computational Cognitive Science Group, advised by Kelsey Allen and Josh Tenenbaum, and adversarial examples / machine learning security as a founding member of labsix. I also spent a great summer with the Natural Language Understanding group at Google Research NY, advised by David Weiss.

I used to be involved with the hackathon community and organized many seasons of HackMIT. I read stuff, take photos, and write things.

If it sounds like we might get along, let me know! 😄